Here's what satisfied clients are saying...

My staff and I thoroughly enjoyed Kelly Duggan’s workshop series on “Image Essentials for the Professional.” The training positively stirred change and discussion, which opened conversation and helped set a brand standard for Southwest Michigan First. I would highly recommend KELLY DUGGAN IMAGE CONSULTING. The services were well worth the time and investment.   

Ron Kitchens, CEO
Southwest Michigan First


Kelly is a professional! She is a passionate and engaging speaker who understands the importance of executive image in the business world. I have recommended her to clients and will continue to do so in the future.

Mary Jo Asmus, Executive Business Coach & Consultant
Aspire Collaborative Services


Kelly’s “Dress for Success” presentation was very well received by both staff and the community members that were in attendance. Her knowledge and expertise in the subject matter make her a true professional. I would highly recommend KELLY DUGGAN IMAGE CONSULTING services.

Brian Bellware, Assistant Human Resource Generalist
Healthcare Midwest


Through great examples in an informative and relaxed atmosphere, KELLY DUGGAN IMAGE CONSULTING gave us great information directly applicable to the working professional.

Amy Motta, Customer Marketing Associate
Health & Wellness
The Kellogg Company


Kelly helped our team see the impact we make with the image that we portray. As a business advisory and service company, we know that our clothes, the way we present ourselves and our general approach in the community is a very large part of our brand image. What we learned from Kelly will not only change the way we approach our image, but how we help our clients to portray theirs.                 

Jim Coyle, Chief Advisor
Nexus Business Solutions


Kelly has been my "easy button." I used to go to work with one outfit on and one in the car in case someone would say, "Are you wearing that?" Then I would be able to change. Not any more! I get compliments on the style and colors I wear, and I feel more confident coming to work with just one outfit. This confidence has spilled over into my job. When I know there is going to be conflict on a certain day, I pick the colors that will convey power and calmness. Image does matter.

Renee Shull, MBA, PHR, CEO
Integrated Play


Today's market requires everyone to be at the top of their game. Without making a good first impression, one must work twice as hard to gain trust and respect from a potential client. The skills Kelly Duggan taught me have allowed me to focus more quickly on the needs of my client, not on my personal appearance. I walk into a meeting eager to learn about a client, explore a new opportunity, or cultivate a new relationship. The image principles I have learned have given me the personal power to appear confident, even when the situation may feel unfamiliar. Professional image coaching is worth every cent as an investment in yourself, your staff, and your company.

Emily S. Rowe, Small Business Advocate & Entrepreneur
Prospectus Business Systems


Kelly is a talented professional and a thoughtful help to anyone who wishes to present their best selves in business and in all of what they do. Ever wonder what effect color choices can have on how you appear or are perceived by others? That's just a small part of the insights she can offer. I recommend her as a very valuable resource for any individual or organization.

Brent Larson, Executive Director
Allegan General Hospital Foundation